GeekGirlCon 2014 Trip Report

New treasures! Free XBOX Games, a dream date in a box, and an amazing Louise hoodie!

Hi blog!

I can't believe it's the middle of October already! When did that happen?! It seems like I was just panicking about making costumes for GeekGirlCon at the beginning of this month. And now t's over and time to start panicking about Halloween costumes! Argh!

GeekGirlCon was a blast! (Of course!) This was my second year attending and it's one of my favorite events of the year. It's small and intimate but as thoughtful and well organized as any larger convention.

One thing that everybody talks about when it comes to GeekGirlCon is the atmosphere - it's truly a safe, fun space. There is a lot of talk, especially in my circles of friends, about what makes a good safe space and how everyone should feel comfortable everywhere - but I've never actually experienced it outside of GeekGirlCon. It's really impressive how hard GGC works to cultivate a welcoming environment and how palpable it is when you actually get there because everyone participates. <3

:D :D :D

Also! I was shocked to learn that my Louise cosplay from last year was on the GeekGirlCon website AND cover of the strategy guide AND another one inside too! I have no words for how flattered and happy and proud I am to be included with all these other amazing cosplayers! Totally awesome. I will probably frame it and put it on my wall, ngl.

I had a great time doing what I do best at conventions - wandering around marveling over everybody's costumes and geek goods. Yes, I am that annoying girl with starry eyes going "ohmygawdthatisamazingsoadorableandperfect" every two seconds. I got up the courage to ask more people for their photos this year, most of which I put on instagram right away - but I'll repost them here too. I wish I'd taken more! There is a special kind of creativity that folks break out for GGC that makes cosplay spotting extra fun.

I only made it to one panel. I would have like to see Anita Sarkeesian's panel and the Geek Elders Panel, which I heard were AMAZING... but I didn't. I did catch the Geeky Careers panel, which was interesting and made me really want to find a mentor... but mostly, it was a great reminder that struggling to make it doing something you love is normal. I think it's easy to forget that most people post about what they love online and not about the less glamorous things they do to pay the bills. So, that was actually a great reality check for me. :D

My favorite, favorite, favorite thing about WA conventions is simply getting to hang out with all of my wonderful friends for a whole day. I have great geek friends, but we all live just far enough away from each other and are juuuust busy enough that it's hard to get together regularly. So, conventions are a huge treat for me because I we can catch up AND/OR dress up in coordinating costumes. Look at all these amazing people! 

Saturday costumes / our GGC family portrait / your weird fan fiction inspiration~!
America Chavez/Celeste the Owl(below) runs the awesome new site Beyond Geek Culture.
And the Queen of Hearts' cosplay facebook is Cheezee Doodle.

Our Animal Crossing group on Sunday!
Evan has never played animal crossing and kind of hates KK Slider which may or may not have crushed some KK fans when he refused to even attempt to play his songs! lol

And now... a ton of cosplay photos!
Traditional cosplay car selfies always turn out the best!

So many great Adventure Time cosplayers! Rachel IS LSP.

You might recognize Dora as Katy Perry Sim from PAX and @sarahhiraki is hiding under that Starlord mask.

Daria cosplayers run my favorite LCS - Fantasium! And Invader Zim's hair was just perfect!

It was a challenge to get Jack's big pumpkin head in this picture!

Cosplay details...
Princess Bubblegum was kind of a last minute closet cosplay. I de-tangled my Jem wig, made a fun foam crown and a quick circle skirt and called it good. I already owned the shirt from WeLoveFine and I had the prefect purple boots in the back of my closet. Evan skipped the face paint and the fangs for Marshal Lee since we were feeling lazy. :P

Isabelle! I meant to fix all her problems from PAX 2013, but I ended up procrastinating and barely improving anything. I keep thinking I can improvise with the vest, but I'm ready to admit that it's time to go get a pattern and make something that actually fits! I do think I improved on the colors this time around. The pattern is much less accurate but it shows up a lot better in photos than the spoonflower fabric I tried to make to match the actual sprite last year.

DJ KK Slider is just a white hoodie with little floppy ears I made in a hurry the night before. We had the cool headphones and Evan's hipster glasses are leftover from hipster robin. If he'd agree to do it again, I'd make him a tail and frost his hair white and maaaaaaaaybe bulk up his eyebrows.

Also, my butt looks really good and I'm really happy that my tail stands up so well with just a couple of strategically placed safety pins!

That's probably enough pictures and rambling for now. GeekGirlCon is seriously such a great, positive, welcoming experience. I can't say enough good things about the people who run it and the kinds of geeks it attracts. It's wonderful. If you have any inclination to go... you should! Get your tickets now because they sold out last year.

Cosplayers! If you want me to add a link to your whatever or take down your picture please let me know.

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PAX 2014 Trip Report

Loot! A Pain Elemental from Doom and the Midnight City t-shirt!

Last year, I wrote about how I planned to skip PAX in the future for a multitude of reasons - but mostly because Penny Arcade continues to make a mess re: dickwolves that I find it embarrassing/frustrating to be anywhere near their shit.

And yet, if you follow me on instagram or twitter, you may have noticed that I still ended up at PAX Prime 2014 this year. Weird! Actually - it wasn't that weird. My friend got PAX tickets for her birthday and invited me to go with her on the days she had an extra ticket. I was happy to be her tour guide and cosplay buddy for her first PAX - and we had a blast without any actual Penny Arcade getting in the way. /grumpy

Giant Evolve Monster & Me being REALLY excited about the Mass Effect photo op.

Anyway! I came home with a new love - VIDEOBALL. I'm ridiculously into it even though Evan and I lost to some small children playing the demo. We also got my favorite free T-shirt ever from videoball's publisher, Midnight City - look at that shit! It's amazing! Midnight City supports their artists/developers by operating like a record label, which I think is fabulous too! Look at all those exclamation points in this paragraph! Videoball!

I played some other games this weekend, like Smash Bros 3DS and the Evil Within. And now I have a wishlist of games I want to see more of like... Sunset Overdrive, Alien Isolation, The Order 1866, and Evolve. I'm kind of surprised that the only cutesy game I'm interested in is Captian Toad Treasure Tracker - the rest is all a lot more intense than what I usually like to play.

Thanks for the photo, sims booth & liftedgeek!

My friend was the Katy Perry Sim from the Sweet Treats expansion! (Genius!) I'm pretty sure she glitter bombed the whole convention with her cupcake top and sparkle shorts! Look how cute she is!

And I went as... Dig Dug! I've actually been wanting to do it for a while, but I hadn't really sat down and figured out how to make it happen until I got invited to PAX. One kim kardashian-y jumpsuit, a thrifted baseball helmet, and some paint actually turned out pretty awesome!

Do you guys like my Pooka purse?. I made it the night before the convention using my Ramona Flowers star bag as a model. It's even got a zipper, yellow polka dot lining, and a cellphone pocket! Looking at it in photos, I wish I'd made it bigger. And I want to applique the pooka face on the next version, instead of velcro-ing fun foam to the front. But I'm still very proud of it.

The whole thing was a lot of fun to wear. I thought I'd get tired of holding my little shovel all day, but it was totally worth it for the photos. It also helped keep people from thinking I was fucking Speed Racer.

That's all for now! I still need to get some good pictures of my Sailor Moon collection at the fair next month and I'm going to try to put together a costume with some time and planning instead of one night's frantic freak out for Geek Girl Con in October! Stay tuned!

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Why is there a Sailor Moon tornado in the living room?

This Sunday, I'm packing up my Sailor Moon collection to put it on display at the Washington State Fair! I can't wait to show you guys (and actual people in real life) my Sailor Moon treasures - especially some of the new ones!

Every year, our fair hosts a lot of traditional fair exhibits - 4H, baking contests, quilts that your mom made, petting zoos, table setting competitions, blender demonstrations... but my favorite has always been the collections! Clearly, I understand the compulsion to collect - so it's always fun to see what other people are hoarding in their homes. My favorite display ever was just a couple years ago when someone had a ton of AOL sign up discs. It was amazing.

In honor of Sailor Moon's 20th Anniversary and thanks to my boyfriend's encouragement, I submitted my sparkly Sailor Moon corner! Of course, once I was accepted, I decided that meant it was time to beef up my collection and actually frame everything. Goodbye, $$$! 

I'm trying really hard to share a little of everything that's out there - new and old stuff from Japan and the US, and across a variety of media. I think it's gonna be pretty cool!

Although... I couldn't get anything to represent the musicals. And I couldn't source a copy of Smile Magazine in time. (I used to have it! It was a teen girl magazine with things like articles on Britney Spears and chapters of Sailor Moon and those yellow smiley faces all over!) 

But the one thing that really bothers me... is that the Sailor Jupiter figarts won't be released until a couple days AFTER I set up my stuff! And I don't think they're gonna let me add her once the fair has started! It's going to look so incomplete! :(

I also have to say that I LOVE the nerd community. I reached out to some Sailor Moon collectors with a wishlist and a budget - and they came through with the fairest prices, even under what I had budgeted AND got to the post office asap for me. <3 <3 <3 I just think that's awesome and I hope I do everybody proud with this silly display. But what I really hope is that some little girl sees Sailor Moon at the fair and goes home and falls in love with the stories of love and friendship the way I did when I was little! #missamerica

P.s. You can follow my instagram for Sailor Moon spam while I prep everything this weekend. And I'll be sure to share photos of the full set up and all my new adds next week!

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